(Project theme envisioned and endorsed by Their Holiness the Pontiffs)
A Photo Feature dedicated to the Divine Glory of Vraj
(H. H. Kalanidhi Shri Gopinathji Maharaj Centenary Celebration Project)
Photography by Dhruv Kapadia & supported by Jatan Atara

H. H. Shri Gopinathji Maharaj (an accomplished photographer)
engaged in photography during H. H. Shrimad Gokulnathji Maharaj's Vrajyatra

Vraj Darshan
Photography by Dhruv Kapadia & supported byJatan Atara
Edited by Vijay Nadar, Creative Zone
Technical Assistance and Equipments : Sanjay Salvi
Project Co-ordination : Group of Volunteers
Creative Inputs : Pratha Prints
Picture Gallery hosted by : Orion Solution
Published by Shri Govardhanesh Prakashan Mandal
Administrator : Shri Bipinbhai Shah
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