Tam Shri Balaharim Bhaje : A collection of very important minor works composed by His Holiness Goswami Shri Jiwanji Maharaja (the then Reigning Religious Head) of the Holy Seat of Mahaprabhu Shrimad Vallabhacharya - Mota Mandir - Mumbai. The above-mentioned collection in the form of an e-book is compiled on the basis of comparative study of the editions published earlier along with the manuscripts available.

Study material referred for publishing the present version is as follows.

  1. Balakrishnachampvakhya Prabandha - Appendix - published by Shri Paramanandadas Jiwandas in 1868 C.E.
  2. Brihatstotrasaritsagara - published by Shri Manilal Desai in 1927 C.E.
  3. Digital copies of the manuscripts provided by the Manuscripts Screening Committee - Pandit Shri Gattulalaji Research Centre proved extremely useful. Although an important (slightly damaged) manuscript of Rasalila-varnanavarnakramarya from H.H. Goswami Shrimad Gokulnathji Maharaj Mota Mandir Collection could not be used on this ocassion.

Govardhanesh Prakashan Mandal

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