Feathered Friends from Vraj

(H. H. Kalanidhi Shri Gopinathji Maharaj Centenary Celebration Project)

Mota Mandir - Mumbai

H. H. Shri Gopinathji Maharaj (an accomplished photographer)
engaged in photography during H. H. Shrimad Gokulnathji Maharaj's Vrajyatra

Feathered Friends From Vraj
Documentation of Avian species found in Vraj

Winter Expedition : 30th November to 6th December 2012
Photography by Jatan Atara & supported by Dhruv Kapadia
Edited by Vijay Nadar, Creative Zone
Technical Assistance and Equipments : Sanjay Salvi
Project Co-ordination : Group of Volunteers
Creative Inputs : Pratha Prints
Picture Gallery hosted by : Orion Solution
Published by Shri Govardhanesh Prakashan Mandal
Administrator : Shri Bipinbhai Shah
Shop No. 41, 1st Bhoiwada, H. H. Shri Gokulnathji Maharaj Lane, Mumbai - 2.
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